Category: 4 Candle Patterns

Breakaway Bullish

The bullish Breakaway candlestick pattern sticks true to its name in that acts as a bullish reversal signal around 60% of the time. The Breakaway pattern is a five candle pattern that is fairly difficult to find on any time frame. This is most likely due to the number of candles and its requirements. This

Falling Three

The Falling 3 candlestick pattern is a five candle bearish continuation pattern. Its bullish counterpart is the Rising 3 candle pattern. While this candle pattern is reliable with a 71% accuracy rate, it’s incredibly hard to find on larger time frames. The Falling 3 pattern is so rare, in fact, that Bulkowski didn’t even include

Ladder Bottom

Bulkwoski compared trying to find this candlestick pattern on a chart like flipping a coin five times with it landing on heads all five times. The Ladder Bottom candlestick pattern is pretty rare, and that’s likely due to it being a five candle formation with specific rules and requirements. The first three candles in the

Rising Three

The Rising 3 candlestick pattern is a bullish continuation pattern that has a solid 74% accuracy rate. The bearish opposite of this five candle pattern is the Falling 3 pattern. This pattern appears most often and performs best with a strong underlying uptrend. The first candle is a large full bodied bullish candle followed by

Three Lines Strike Bullish

There is a bearish and bullish version of the 3 Lines Strike candlestick pattern, but this overview will describe the bullish 3 Lines Strike pattern. Although it has 3 Lines in the pattern’s title, this candlestick pattern is actually a 4 candle bullish continuation pattern. The first three candles are each bullish candles that form