Rising Three

The Rising 3 candlestick pattern is a bullish continuation pattern that has a solid 74% accuracy rate.

The bearish opposite of this five candle pattern is the Falling 3 pattern.

This pattern appears most often and performs best with a strong underlying uptrend.

The first candle is a large full bodied bullish candle followed by three smaller bearish candlesticks that move price lower but remain within the range of the first candle’s body.

All three of these should be bearish, except for the middle candle which can be bearish or bullish, just like the Falling 3 pattern.

The fifth and final candle is another full bodied bullish candle that shoots price upwards and closes above the close of the first bullish candle.

The Rising 3 pattern, also commonly referred to as the Rising 3 Methods, is accurate and reliable, but is fairly difficult to find on most time frames, especially larger time frames. This candle pattern also has a relatively weak price breakout. But because of its high accuracy rate of 74% it should definitely be noticed when it appears.

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