Three White Soldiers

The 3 White Soldiers candlestick pattern is a bullish reversal pattern that signals a strong trend reversal will soon occur.

3 White Soldiers is composed of three full bodied bullish candles.

The 3 White Soldiers pattern is fairly easy to spot because of its noticeable key characteristics.

The opening of each candle is lower than the close of the previous candle, usually located in the middle of the previous candles body. With each candle, price closes higher than the previous candles high, forming higher highs with higher lows, making the pattern look like a staircase.

This staircase effect is a strong indication that the trend will soon reverse.

In order for a 3 White Soldiers candlestick pattern to be considered a valid signal, it must:

Occur after a noticeable downtrend.

Consist of three long full-bodied bullish candles.

Each candle opens within the body of the preceding candle.

Close of each candle must close at new highs.

The 3 White Soldiers can also appear after a period of indecisive price action. This bullish reversal candle pattern is also commonly referred to as the 3 Advancing Soldiers.

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