Three Black Crows

The 3 black crows candlestick pattern is a bearish  reversal pattern. Take note of this candlestick pattern because it has a bearish reversal accuracy of around 78%, which is extremely good.

This candlestick pattern is made up of three long, full bodied bearish candlesticks.

Each candle should open higher than the previous candles close and then eventually close at a lower level.

The 3 black crows pattern appears a series of steps leading downwards. The bullish version of this pattern is the 3 white soldiers pattern.

It’s important that the second and third candles in this three pattern series opens at a higher price level than the previous candles close, this is the part of the pattern that distinguishes itself from a normal set of three regular bearish candles. In other words, the second and third candles should open somewhere within the body of its preceding candle.

The 3 black crows pattern can most often be found at overextended price levels where supply has heavily exceeded demand.

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