Downside Tasuki Gap

The Downside Tasuki Gap candlestick pattern is a three candle pattern that in theory acts as a bearish continuation pattern. The opposite of this pattern is the Upside Tasuki Gap pattern.

The first candle is a regular sized bearish candle within the context of a downtrend.

The second candle is another bearish candle, but it gaps downwards below the range of the first candle. The first and second candles can not have overlapping price wicks. The gap must be empty.

The third and final candle is a bullish candle that opens within the body of the second candle. This candle then proceeds upwards and closes within the gap that exists between the first two candles. It’s okay for price to touch the first candle.

Although the Tasuki Gap candlestick pattern is theorized to be a bearish continuation pattern, it actually acts as a bullish reversal pattern 54% of the time according to Bulkowski’s testing. And so while price can hypothetically jump in either direction, the moves that occur after price breaks out are pretty strong.

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