Meeting Lines Bullish

The Meeting Lines candlestick pattern is a two candle pattern formation that acts as a bullish reversal signal around 56% of the time. There is a bullish and bearish version of this pattern, but this post will refer to the bullish version.

The first candle is a large full bodied bearish candle.

The second candle should be a normal sized bullish candle whose close should be near or at the close of the first bearish candle.

The good thing about the Meeting Lines candle pattern is that after these candles form and price breaks out, it tends to trend.

The downside is that the pattern only has a 56% accuracy as a bullish reversal signal, which is close to random. However, just keep in mind that price can break out in either direction, and since its breakouts are solid, be ready to place a trade in that direction.

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